Pro-Precise Spindle, mounted on a 12 x 24 x 4 CNC router



The Pro-Precision spindle is a water cooled 3 phase spindle with a recirculating cooling system and a variable frequency drive with on/off control and variable speed control through the controller software.  The spindle can run from 12,000 to 24,000 rpm.  The precision bearings and elimination of an external motor cooling fan result in a very low noise level ( 72-80 dB ).  This spindle is quiet enough to run in an office or laboratory area, without disturbing conversations.  Sound measurement does not include noise made by tools cutting brittle material.

The package includes all cables and electronics to run the spindle from 110/220 or 220/240, single phase mains.

Collet- ER-11, 1/4" dia. collet included



Reference data for sound level tolerances, extracted from US Dept of Labor regulations.

Sound Level (dB) Maximum Duration
 per day ( hours
90 8
92 6
95 4
97 3
100 2
102 1.5
105 1
110 .5
115 .25 or less