Make projects on the benchtop using one of our accurate and powerful machines.  These machines are used for woodworking projects, moulding knife template making, PCB trace isolation, drilling and cutout, Engraving, Inlay, 3D surface machining, small signs and plaques, hole cutouts in electrical and control panels, name tags, jewelry, fishing lures, musical instruments, V-carving, model railroading, doll houses, and on and on.  The machines are designed to cut wood and plastics, and can be used for light cuts in non-ferrous metals. 

-Servo based control systems for Serial, Parallel, or USB computer ports on personal computers running Windows, DOS, or Linux

-All metal construction.  Aluminum framework and Hardened Steel for linear Guideways.

-Aluminum components are black anodized and Steel rails are black oxide to prevent rust and deterioration.

-Made in USA

12 x 12 x 4 12 x 24 x 4

Unique CNC Routers

3D surface scan of a quarter, made with a 1mm probe tip 
on the IMService121204 CNC router.
.STL file shown rendered in Vector Cad.

How the quarter was scanned: Click me

Engraving, 60 degree conical bit, approx .030" deep, 50 ipm
Material is Engraver's plastic, .06 x 2 x 4 inch:


Click for larger image

Vector XI file with drawing and CNC program. Download

Sheet Routing, 1/8 x 6 x 6 inch, Acrylic Sheet, 
1/8 diameter, flat, 2 flute, carbide end mill, 
Spiral up cut, 50 ipm, .06 depth of cut, .030 
attachment tabs keep part from coming loose:

Click for larger image


Vector XI file with drawing and CNC program. Download

Pocketing aluminum with same 1/8 in dia, 2 flute Carbide End Mill.
25 ipm, no coolant or lubrication. .030 depth of cut.  Flat surface 
is .03" below top of material blank, pocket is .125 deep, and 3 
holes are through.

Click for larger image

Click for larger image


Vector XI file with drawing and CNC program. Download

User's Manual


Desktop CNC machines

Also included at no extra charge, Dave Benson's new book "Easy CNC":

Easy CNC was written with DeskCNC in mind.  It tells step by step how to draw and create G-code programs using DeskCNC.

CNC router Includes 3 servo drivers, assembled in a quality metal enclosure with power supply, lighted breaker, cooling fan, power indicator, and power cord. 120vac.  Machine ships partly disassembled, but pre-wired.  All wiring has polarized connectors for easy setup. Machine uses Globe servo motors.

Special Installation of DeskCNC has all settings predetermined.  All functions match the machine at startup.  This machine is ready to run, it does not require you to adjust any software settings or experiment with steps, or search or beg for 3rd party software support.  All wires and cables included.

Panel switches and connections include latching E-stop switch, power reset/enable circuit, servo driver reset circuit, panel connector for probe/tool setter, 3 axis encoder connectors, lighted main power breaker.

Items included with the machine:


Machine is a fixed gantry, moving table design.  Z axis is precision Thompson rods with linear ball bearings.  Z axis frame and table are constructed of cast tooling plate to assure precision alignment and reliability.  Y and Z axis are constructed with V-groove bearing wheels on hardened steel track. Aluminum parts are all black anodized and steel track is black oxide coated to resist corrosion.  No plastic or MDF is used for frame construction, moving surfaces, or table.  The machine travels are slightly larger than 12 x 12 x 4 inches. It is designed for cutting wood and plastic. It will also make light cuts in materials such as aluminum and brass.  At rest, the motors are roughly equivalent to 270 oz-in steppers. Once in motion they have much better dynamic performance. The Trend router has a  1/4 collet ( 1/8 and 3/16 sleeve adaptors are available at extra cost) with built in electronic variable speed controller.  The system uses the DeskCNC SV-500 servo drives, Globe servo motors with encoders and belt reducers, and acme threads on the lead screws. All axes have pre-loaded thrust bearings and anti-backlash nuts with no measurable backlash.

3D surface model designed in Vector-Cad, Rings, flats, blends, and spiral, then saved as .stl file.  3D rotary toolpath developed in DeskCNC

Rotary option includes clearance for 3.2 inch diameter ( shown above) x 12 inches long. 

Rotates at up to 7400 degrees per minute, and positions to .0015 degree, servo encoder resolution.  
DeskCNC software creates 3D rotary axis toolpaths from stl files. ( See example above right. )

Items included with the rotary axis option:

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