IMService 12 x 12 x 4 CNC router

Desktop CNC router with Closed loop servo control system.  Machine and control system are assembled and tested.  All metal construction.  All motion is carried by ball bearings following precision hardened Steel guideways. Machine has Zero backlash lead nuts on precision acme lead screws, and each axis has preloaded thrust bearings.  Table has 1" grid of 1/4-20 tapped holes to aid in part fixturing. Manual handles on each axis to aid in fine adjustment and Zero setting. EZ-CNC training book included.


Feature Description
X-Axis Travel 12
Y-Axis Travel 12
Z-Axis Travel 4
Table Size 14 x 14
Design Style Fixed Bridge
Traveling Table
Motors/Drives Closed Loop Servo
X and Y Axis
Speed (ipm)
90 with 175 option
Z axis Speed (ipm) 90
Frame Material Aluminum
Linear Moving Members Steel
Lead Screw Acme




Feature Description
Spindle 1 hp max
Voltage 110/120 with 220/240 option
Limit Switches YES
Homing YES
Homing Repeatability .001-.002 inch
Resolution Standard .000018"(56240steps per inch)
Hi-Speed .000036"(28120 stps per inch)
Overall Accuracy .010
Typical Table linearity .0035" TIR or less
X-Axis to Y-axis Squareness .010"/Foot or better
Spindle Perpendicularity .0038"/ inch or better
Table Material Spec Ground Aluminum Plate, minimum .005/ft flatness
System Flatness .010" max TIR over 8" square

Additional Features: Rubber feet to protect table surfaces, 12 foot power and encoder cables. Wrenches, Safety Glasses, Ear Plugs, Grounding strap.

Ships by UPS ground to US and Canada.


Dust Collector - Static grounded hose and brushed foot.  When attached to a shop vac, removes dust and chip from flat sheets up to  2 inches thick.

Hi-Speed Feed and Rapid rate - Up to 90 inches per minute or 175 inches per minute maximum cutting and rapid traverse speeds on the X and Y axis.  Z is 90 inches per minute or either option.

Spindle Options - Both the Economy and the Pro-Precision spindles are rated at 1 hp.

The Economical Trend T4 has a variable speed controller that provides speeds from 11,000 to 30,000 RPM.  It is available with an electrically isolated, magnetic relay box. The relay box permits the CNC controller to turn the spindle on and off, either under program control, or by clicking the buttons on the screen.

The Pro-Precision spindle is a water cooled 3 phase spindle with a cooling system and a variable frequency drive with on/off control and variable speed control through the controller software.  The spindle can run from 12,000 to 24,000 rpm.  The precision bearings and no motor cooling fan result in a very low noise level ( 72-80db )

Rotary Axis - A rotary 4th axis is available for this machine.  The rotary axis has a 3.1" diameter by 12" length capacity. The servo motors permit rotational speed up to 24 rpm.  It is not field installable and must be purchased with the machine.

Enclosure - A 24" deep by 36" Wide by 24" high, 5-sided enclosure is available.  The enclosure has a hinged front door and is constructed of Aluminum t-slot framing and clear plexiglass.  There is a 2 3/8 diameter access hole on one of the side panels.  Brackets are included for fixing the enclosure to a table top.

Contact probe

Control Systems - 3 control systems are available  See this link for a comparison